Wednesday, November 14, 2007

test driven development


the wikipedia page as usual has good is my notes on them : has some good advice on test driven development : not bad has some good comparisons and clear up on confusions

etc. : good one. : types of unit tests that you want to guard against : qualities of a good unit test how to write unit tests interesting to read...kind of philosphical...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Scrum Notes

Wikipedia has a good article. this page a no of articles the good ones are :

Adaptive project management using scrum -- I think this is a general primer on scrum. interesting to go thru the slide deck link in the end of the article.

Agile development lessons learned from the first scrum --feels like a standard primer only....dont think i read it

its not just stand up...patterns for the daily scrum meeting ---good one...worth reading

inventing and reinventing scrum in five companies ---feels more like jeff's blah....dont think it is worth it

when to think about shortening your sprint ..a toolset ---good list of things for which you might want to cut down your sprint length

Distributed Scrum: agile project management with outsourced development teams --- good to read...since the title is so relevant to us and indicates how they managed their inter continental development teams with language and time constraints.

looking at other links from the wikipedia page:
the two google video presentations from ken schwaber and jeff sutherland are good to go through....jeff hsa numbers and ken has good stories and nice talk.

the original paper of the japanese ( the new newproduct development way) is also a good read.